Betting Guide

It stands to reason that a prestigious racing centre such as Newmarket that betting plays a huge part in its culture. Millions of pounds are wagered each year at the many Newmarket fixtures that take place throughout the spring, summer and autumn months.

For the novice punter however, betting can become a minefield and mistakes can easily be made, we therefore thought it might be useful to include a few do\'s and don\'ts when making bets at Newmarket.

Selecting A Bet

Please refer to our Newmarket tips page when reading our advice here, but the first consideration should be after selecting a horse is ask the question whether or not the horse can win or would he be more likely to run well and earn a place.

Betting To Win

This is a simple bet when the punter puts all his faith and his stake in a horse that the punter believes should win. He can stake any amount within reason, although sometimes Bookmakers can exercise their right to refuse a bet if they choose. Before making a bet, the punter should be sure of the odds of his selection and it also advisable to see if there are better prices elsewhere. If the selection wins then the punter will get his stake returned plus the profit that is dictated by the odds. For instance a £5 win on a horse at 5-1 will win £25 plus the original £5 stake is returned.

Each Way Betting

This is a popular bet for those with reservations about their selection. Quite simply it allows the punter to place two bets for one. The first half of the bet is placed to win and the second equal half of the bet is placed for the selection to finish in the frame. If the selection wins, then the first half of the bet is returned with the profit and the second equal half of the bet is also returned but with the odds reduced to 25% of the price. Therefore if a bet is placed at £5 each way, then it will cost £10. The first £5 is placed to win and the second £5 for a place. If the selection wins at 5-1, then the punter will receive both his £5 stakes, plus the full £25 from the first half of the bet, but only £5 of the second bet.

Accumulator Betting

Designed for those who like the look of several horses in a days racing and one that if it comes off could make considerable profgit. In essence, a opunter will select for instance three horses and back them all to win. If their odds are, 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1, then the Bookmaker will multiply those figures, i.e 3x4x5=60, which means the return will be sixty times the stake. Accumulators can include any anount of horses and punters should take advice from the Bookmakers of which ones are available.


Quite simply this bet is placed on the first two/three or even four home. A Dual Forecast bet is easily the safest of these bets, when all that is required is to bet on what the punter believes will be the first two home and in what order. It is possible to back this bet each way meaning that the finishing order is not so important. The odds for these bets are calculated differently and a punetr will need to seek advice from the Bookmaker

Newmarket Horse Racing Free Bets

As there are so many top quality horse racing fixtures taking place throughout the summer at Newmarket and there are generally Online Bookmakers Free Bets to be had on the major races such as the 2000 Guineas and 1000 Guineas and these should be availed of as it is a good way to start an online account having your first couple of bets on the house, so to speak.

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